Charter Services

Since inception in 1959, Aero has been providing reliable and convenient air transport services.

Aero’s personalised air services provide flight(s) at your own schedule and comfort to any destination.

As the first domestic airline, we are fully ready to help achieve your mission with our excellent customer service from booking to boarding.

Experience convenience, comfort and a welcoming service on our charter flights

Fly on your own schedule and from any terminal that accommodates your aircraft choice.

Tailor your itinerary by choosing the schedule, origin, and destinations that suits your needs

Let your group have lighthearted pleasure in the air

Lock in an all-inclusive price based on itinerary, fuel, and pre-chosen menus.

Have your taste buds experience culinary selections with beverage choices and alcoholic beverages for an extra cost.

Enjoy remote check-in, the availability of private TSA screening (where available) and other simplified travel options.

Customer service agents are assigned to charter flights and to work on manifests.

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