Group Booking

Travelling with a group of ten or more people?

Booking on Aero just made your travel easy and more with pocket friendly packages.

Our Group Travel Package provides extra flexibility and creates a fun atmosphere for your school, club, conference, business retreat, family, association and religious group travels.

Your benefits:

-Discounted Fare: get discounts off our published fares, utilising your own special fare through our dedicated Group Travel desk. --

-No Restrictions: no restrictions on your travel dates. You can book on all our flights either flying together or separately.

-Earn Free Tickets: free tickets are provided free of carrier charges (fees and taxes will apply).

-No Extra Fees: access our affordable group travel package with no booking fees, ticketing fees and change fees.

-Limitless Name Changes: gain unrestricted name changes up to 48 hours prior to departure


To access our Group Travel Package, please call or email: or complete the form in the link below

You are required to confirm your reservation after booking, with a 50% deposit via Bank transfer which is the applicable means of payment.